fimasoft. powering simplicity.

Integrated software solutions for any type of business.

Through software, we automate your essential business processes.

Complex Digitalisation

Simplify your activities by stocking all your information into a digital storage.

Integral Security

Protection of the working procedures through control blocks and security.

Effective integration

Optimising the organizational structure through a complex consolidation of the IT systems.

Meet our products

Our lovely birds. Each bird represents an industry where our software solutions have changed businesses.

Colibri is an integrated tablet software solution that addresses any company that wants a strong sales force team for direct and efficient customer interaction.

Parrot is especially created to oversee and organize the health service administration. An operative informational center for patients and doctors and all in between.

We developed a modern integrated system that allows to manage the parking lots easily, to efficient use the available area, and to keep everything under control.

Penguin is our events management app that allows having an excellent control over all the functions and the aspects of your before event moments, live and after event.

Eagle is a product that facilitates the use of the services offered to agents through the latest technologies and optimizes communication with Moneygram.

A few words, about what we do.

We became promoters of the concept of digitalisation.

Helping the sales departments that are commuting, to useful self-operating solutions.

Offering our clients a technology that gives them the ability to move independently from the office .

Assist the sales teams in delivering great experience to their clients.

Generating an independent way of working for the whole organization.

Developing applications that operate the administrative procedures automatically.

We call them partners

If they became our clients, then they stood with us for the long haul.

Do you have a business that needs an upgrade?

Start with an audit and finish with a new digital experience for you and your customers.