fimasoft. the team.

A few words, about us.

Fimasoft is a company that develops integrated software solutions that optimize and systematizes the business processes, with an expert background in financial and banking field, along with other lines of professions.

We are the team that is very well focused on our collaborators, always giving them the appropriate solution. With a perfect understanding of what is going on in the market, we became already predecessors in digital banking, and we succeed to support our clients in the long term.

Fimasoft is a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 company.

Our mission & beliefs

Our mission

Our mission is to create integrated software solutions, original and facile to manage, that are successful in making the activities efficient.


Our promise

We are generating products that lead only to noticeable improvements and long term advantages to users. It is clearly seen in our positive results that we are supporting, helping and respecting our client’s requests, making their operations a lot easier.

Our business process

We are testing multiple times to check the performance of our products ( in the developing process as well as when finalizing them ) to make sure that we deliver high standards.

Our belief

We are the people that believe in the power of simplicity, and the ones who are making things easier through technology. That is the reason we developed integrated software solutions that are running smoothly and effectively in business processes.

We call them partners

If they became our clients, then they stood with us for the long haul.

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