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This is Colibri

Our flagship product. The most advanced banking solution we’ve ever made.

Colibri is an integrated tablet software solution that addresses any company that wants a strong sales force team for direct and efficient customer interaction. The sales force has now access to a mobile office, which automatically increases the number of contracts signed and the potential customers’ reach regardless of their location. It was developed for Windows 8.1 and allows optimizing the workflow process in branches, agencies, and working centers, making sales activity measurable and more effective.

“Fimasoft helps us to put forward to our clients and partners new methods to use the latest technologies on the market.”

BBTR – Mihai Țecu – Director General

Colibri Risk Management

Colibri Risk Management is dedicated to companies that want to manage risks effectively to financial operations, and that enables centralization of all financial incidents in a unique database.

Colibri CRM

Colibri CRM is the solution dedicated to companies that want to effectively manage customer relationships, to seize opportunities to increase sales and profitability on a long term.



Colibri Cashier & Cash Management

Colibri Cashier & Cash Management is an application for companies that manage a large number of payments and receipts. A powerful tool for cash flow management, forecasting application and automatically manages all points where cash handlers to optimize the costs.

Colibri Electronic payments

Colibri Electronic Payments is a complete payment processing module, which is integrated with SWIFT and TRANSFOND and SEPA EUR / RON compliant SEPA SDD, ENG, STP.


Colibri Document Management

Colibri Document Management is the solution dedicated to companies that want to reorganize document management related procedures to make them safer, faster and more efficient.

Colibri Cards Management

Colibri Cards Management is an application for managing financial or non-financial cards, dedicated to companies that want to streamline operations management cards issued to customers and provide them competitive loyalty programs.

Colibri Marketing

Colibri Marketing is an application for companies that want to know the degree of customer satisfaction, develop relevant products and services to address their needs and requirements in the shortest time possible.

Colibri Core

Colibri Core is an application management and control of all modules: Cashier & Cash Management, CRM, Document Management, Marketing, Risk Management, Cards Management, Electronic Payments, Compliance.

Colibri Compliance

Colibri Compliance is a module for supervision procedures transactional and customer behavior. The module prevents any fraud or illegal operations through automated notifications and reports through its complex system.

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