fimasoft. skills & know-how.

What and how we do it.

It is a lightweight process framework for agile development; we develop projects accordingly to the industries, businesses, and to the operational systems beyond. Fimasoft is doing it’s best to lead to successful projects in business management and all the business processes. We are the ones that smooth the way for an excellent communication between the companies and their final users.

Audit & documentation

We assess risks and opportunities in business and operational processes in order to provide increased productivity and better security for businesses. We come up with optimum solutions and clear roadmaps for implementing them.

Large platforms development

Our development team loves to craft web and desktop applications that make processes easier to manage, people less aversive to using technology and give a clear bird-eye view across the whole business.

Systems integration

Business is getting more complex and we know that building one big solution that does it all and does it right make no sense most of the times. We integrate and maintain third-party services into our clients’ core platforms for quick go-to-market times.

Security layers

Our rock-solid background in the banking industry leverages our ability to keep customers information secure and make their business processes run sharp each and every time.

Six reasons why you should work with us

We provide strong supporting tools which help to increase the efficiency of all the business processes.
We manage the agile projects to obtain the expected results.
We offer technical support and maintenance anytime to increase the productivity.
We deliver solutions that guarantee the availability of information in the selling process.
We reorganize the operational and business procedures.
We offer complete IT outsourcing solutions.

We call them partners

If they became our clients, then they stood with us for the long haul.

Do you have a business that needs an upgrade?

Start with an audit and finish with a new digital experience for you and your customers.